4-Week Micronutrient Optimisation Masterclass

Master nutrient optimisation and get rid of any nutrient deficiency in your diet with a data-driven approach.

Google “best vitamin A foods” and you will find countless pages filled with generic cookie-cutter advice on how to improve your vitamin A with foods. But what happens to Dr. Google when you want to maximise multiple vitamins and minerals at the same time?

The truth is MOST people who are looking to improve minerals and vitamins with food are deficient in multiple nutrients not just one.

In order to make sense of micronutrients in real life, they need to be applied to the specific needs of the individual.

In this masterclass you will learn what micros are, how to optimize them for a wide range of nutritional needs and most importantly, how to apply this information for yourself. 
What if you could ditch expensive supplements and rely on food to get all essential micronutrients.
Hey, this is Marty.

I have been in your shoes. 4 years ago I wanted to improve vitamins and minerals with food without relying on supplements.

I got very frustrated because I couldn’t find any information about how to maximise multiple nutrients in my family’s diet. 

I didn’t want to just focus on Vitamin A foods, I wanted to address all vitamins and minerals in my diet at same time.This is why we created the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass to completely optimise your diet in a data-driven way, step by step.  
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  • Micronutrient Optimisation Masterclass ($197 value)
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  • ​400+ Recipes To Optimise Your Macronutrients
  • ​Seamless Meal Planner

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